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About Us

We are Masterworks Events Management. We are the Philippines’ premiere Sand Art Animation Experts housing the BEST and most CREATIVE performing Sand Artists in the country.

Our Art:

Masterworks' specialize in the art of Sand Animation --- This is the audio-visual art of employing the usage of both sand and music as a powerful medium to be able to convey a message through a creative story-board in-sync with music.
It is in the most temporary nature of the art as to what makes it a most powerful medium. To change and “destroy” a masterpiece just as soon as it has been created, constantly changing in the rhythm of the music serving as a moving, evolving picture effectively conveying a story.
Our industry-best Sand Animation performances are mostly inspirational in nature, and are ensured to be delivered focusing on educational themes.

What We Can Do For You:

Masterworks hold regular shows in set venues all across the country. Kindly contact us for booking reservations for our upcoming presentations and allow us to assist you better in your requirements.
We also cater to Private Functions and Corporate Events and are able to customize Sand Animation Presentations to your preferred themes.
It has been proven that Masterworks’ Sand Animation Presentations’ combination of quick-paced, creatively delivered and carefully timed audio-visual inspirational approach allows for better recall among viewer’s minds.
We carefully craft our presentations to allow for the message to be conveyed, be introduced in a most innovative way that renders the mind stimulated but relaxed, therefore paving way for better memory retention making it a most effective and innovative method to reach and internally retain in your audience.

*** Like social marketing & promotion, Masterworks Events Management is concerned with social change at the individual and community levels. Its focus is on how entertainment media especially SAND ART can be used to transmit information that can result in pro-social behavior. Thus, we also offer a customized EDUTAINMENT SAND ART SHOW to students at any level, to both “entertain and educate”, in order to increase audience knowledge about an educational issue, create favorable attitudes, and change overt behavior.

In addition to the benefits that our client will gain after watching the show is the expected changes result from self-efficacy, the belief of individuals that they can complete and be part of specific tasks.

Please Contact Us for a free presentation consultation, and we will help you explore possibilities on your event needs.

Masterworks Events Management
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